10 Sunset Hot Spots in Kefalonia

10 Sunset Hot Spots In Kefalonia

November is here and soon enough winter will be in control, dressing everything in white. However here at Kefalonia, the shades of nature appear to never blur. Particularly when the sun sets…

Comfortable minute where the day meets the night, let the enchantment of the nightfall see unfurl before you! Encounter authorities, leave on a photography undertaking and no more photogenic spots in Kefalonia, pursuing the staggering perspectives of a dusk soaking in the ocean or holing up behind the shadow of land.

Lying between the feet of two mountains and drew nearer by a winding street, Myrtos offers charming perspectives from the primary sight. Remain on the gallery over the shoreline, breath in the salty air and let your eyes dive into vastness, hued in all shades of blue.

During sunset, there is no preferred place over this to savor the awe-inspiring perspective of the red sky converging into supreme blue.

Savor the heavenly nature of nature painting the dusk in remarkable hues. Flawless landscape for you two, viewing the nightfall at world-acclaimed shorelines and legend-rousing coves, grasped by rocks and rich greenery.

Petani Beach

A wealth of turquoise blues that are still to be discovered, lies hidden below steep hills and lush trails along the reached coastline of Paliki. Such is the case of Petani Beach. Only the sun, the sea, and you in absolute green-blue bliss… Relish the magnificence of nature in untouched landscapes and endless views.

The Lighthouse of St. Theodore

It is a one-of-a-kind roundabout structure, in view of 20 white Doric building style sections and its tower is 8 m tall. It offers not just a controlling light for the approaching and active boats, additionally, an established, sentimental spot for local people and guests.

An uncommon view on your sight while the nightfall, the ocean breeze, and its interesting engineering will enchant you.

Mount Ainos

Is it accurate to say that you are a mountain beau? Drive to the highest point of Ainos, on the off chance that you ride an appropriate vehicle. Ainos is the most elevated mountain in western Greece and its view is beyond words! When you achieve the reception apparatuses, you are at the highest point of the island. Get your camera and catch the striking shades of the sun setting underneath you. You will recollect each and every shoot until the end of time!


A previous angling town that has changed into a high-status cosmopolitan resort, without losing its core. Encompassed by untamed, rich vegetation that practically achieves the coastline, the town of Fiscardo is by all accounts part of a fantastic scene. It is a land loaded with differences, where the rough, vigorously lush slopes meet with the shining white-pebbled shorelines.


In the event that you go there for a drink, convey your camera, you will require it! The earth joined with the general population and the lights produce an enchantment put, worth shooting. The one-of-a-kind style of the club in the ocean side, under stunning dusk, will make those minutes exceptional.

Argostoli in the background

Stroll through the extension or round the lake of Koutavos in Argostoli and you will meet a clearing close to the road with the all-encompassing perspective of Argostoli. Shoot the view and appreciate the lovely nightfall.

The Gerogompos Lighthouse

At an intersection after the town of Havriata, on a nation path that looks a great deal like tundra without any trees, just stones, bush and steady wind, one can locate a record, all around outlined beacon of global esteem. It is situated close to Cape Gerogompos. A standout amongst the most well-known beacons in Greece, in a one-of-a-kind detect that makes you feel like the entire Ionian Sea washes your feet. At a crossing after the village of Havriata, on a country lane that looks a lot like a tundra with no trees, only stones, shrubs, and constant wind, one can find a historical, well-designed lighthouse of international value. It is located near Cape Gerogompos. One of the most famous lighthouses in Greece, in a unique spot that makes you feel like the whole Ionian Sea, washes your feet.

Agios Georgios Castle

When you achieve the mansion and sit on the expanding, physical overhang just before the passageway, you will discover why the spot is considered a standout amongst the most sentimental spots of the island. Try not to miss it, the landscape is fantastic!

Assos Village

The village is by all accounts ‘lost in time’ and emits a practically otherworldly environment. Truly shaded houses settling into the rocky slope, speck the view with hues past the overwhelming blue and green. Fabricated amphitheatrically around the homonymous promontory, it is encompassed by a delectable green landscape and verdant timberlands. Pine and cypress trees and the completely clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea, make a remarkable blend and make Assos a perfect setting for stunning dusks.

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