Top 5 Reasons to visit Kefalonia!

Top 5 Reasons To Visit Kefalonia!

Kefalonia is one of the largest island of Greece. It’s the largest and most mountainous island of the Ionian islands and due to its morphology offers to the visitors many attractive options. It combines mountains with the sea, that’s why it can satisfy the most demanding visitor.Whether you are traveling with your family, you want to treat yourself with a romantic or luxury break, or even if you are an adventurous type ready to discover the island the extreme way, Kefaloniaisland is a fantastic destination for you!

1.The wild-unspoiled beauty and the diversity
It is not common in a touristic place to find beautiful locations that are not populated with big hotel facilities. In Kefaloniayou can find rocky coasts as well as gorgeous beaches and every aspectof the islands beauty becomes an opportunity for a photostop. Up at the mountain Enos you can admire the unique fir-trees, not seen anywhere else in the world, that only grow on Kefalonia. Goats attributed to the soil constituents inhabit the island. Caretta-caretta sea turtles deposit their eggs at island beaches.

2.The variety of the beaches
Kefaloniais surrounded by a unique coastline full of green, turquoise and deep blue, crystal clear waters. Every single day you spend on the islandyou can choose by a big variety of beaches.The red therapeutic clay-sand of Xi beach, the white endless sandy beaches of Skala and MakrisGialos, the white pebbled beaches of the north, including Myrtos, the world famous beach, and Antisamos, which gained worldwide fame through the Hollywood movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, are most of the most famous and organized beaches on the island. But there are also numerous unspoiled dreamy secluded beaches that can be reached either by car or even better, by boat.No matter where you go swimming in Kefalonia, the island will not disappoint.You can admire beautiful sunsets from several parts of the east coast.

3.Kefalonian traditional cuisine and wine tasting
Kefalonian cuisine and a variety of local products are available to you, so none of your senses stay unsatisfied. The majority of the island’s bars and restaurants are clustered in Argostoli, the main town, but at Skala and Fiscardo you can taste a variety of local dishes including the traditional meat or cod pie, riganada, sofigado, tsigaridia, aliada accompanied by a special wine and always a great view. Good quality olive oil and olives, honey, a variety of yellow cheeses, an old tradition on feta cheese, yogurt, local meats, several sweets (like mandolas and pastokydono) and a selection of first class wines are a few of the local products that can be tried here.Wine tasting is something you have to put on your agenda when you go to Kefalonia – the island is famous for producing the famous Robola variety. Generally speaking, Kefalonia is not the place to go to for an intense and wayward nightlife. However, a wide variety of selections caters to all preferences.

4.Colorfull villages
Did you know that Kefalonia consists of approximately 365 villages? And they all seem to vary from one another so that they could satisfy everyone’s taste. Two of the most colorful villages of the Mediterranean sea can be found at the north part of the island: Cosmopolitan Fiscardo, and relaxing, picturesque Assos bay, with it is Venetian castle. Both places have preserved their traditional local architecture and color that take you back in time. Still they offer, as most villages on the island, all amenities, first class accommodation, and all services required by the contemporary traveler.One of the prettiest villages is Kourkoumelata. The village is located in the southwestern part of the island. The story begins in the village where 15th century inhabited by the first inhabitants Kourkoumelis, from where it got its name.
The earthquakes of 1953 proved disastrous for most villages. The shipping family Vergotisrebuilded the entire village from scratch on one condition; That it will be built by the rules of proper street planning and conservation of the neo-classical character of the village.

5.The myths and tales -Archaeological and religious sights
Myth is a common part of Kefalonian tradition. The birthplace of Odysseus, named by its first King, the mythical Kefalos. The underground lake Melissani took her name from the nymphMelissanthi that is said to have ended her life because of her unrequited love to the God Pan, and so many other fascinating stories. Various rare geological phenomena such as Katavothresare also observed here. Saint Gerasimos is believed by natives of Kefalonia to protect them and to also heal them of illness. Many natives of the island name their children after Saint Gerasimos as a tribute to the saint who protects them… and the monastery is beautiful.

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