Kefalonia for Cruise Travelers! All you must-see!

Kefalonia For Cruise Travelers! All You Must-see!

Any cruise in the Ionian Sea that promises an unforgettable experience visiting stunning destinations has to include Kefalonia in its itinerary! Kefalonia is the largest island in the Ionian with a breathtaking combination of crystal-clear waters, award-winning beaches such as Myrtos Beach and  Ainos the highest mountain of the region! Its rich history from ancient times, to modern civilization, as we know it now will leave you mesmerized.

As your cruise ship enters the port of Argostoli the capital of the island you will be awe-struck by the beauty of the charming town! The scenery of the lavish forests, rolling hills, and turquoise waters all make the scenery spectacular! Kefalonia for cruise travelers is simply spectacular; here is all you must see!

Once you disembark at the port of Argostoli there are a few things that you must see for an enjoyable cruise stop at an undeniably amazing destination.


Argostoli the charming capital of the island is a must-see, stroll through the capital meet the locals, have the opportunity to visit famous monuments, taste local delights, and experience all this vibrant town has to offer.No visit to Kefalonia is completed without visiting the famous Melisani Cave also known as the cave of the nymphs! Where you will be able to enjoy the famous boat ride in the natural geological phenomenon with its mesmerizing underwater colors. Another must-see of Kefalonia is the world-famous beach of Myrtos! Known for its captivating beauty, panoramic views, and stunning waters! Don’t miss out on the famous sunset above the beach

Our top suggestion is a must-see is the cosmopolitan village of Fiscardo! Known for its colorful houses, word-winning restaurants, and overall ambiance of the village!

For the culinary lovers, from cooking classes to olive oil and local wine tasting are also musts for those who seek a different kind of experience in Kefalonia.

To make sure that you miss nothing from the most important stops of Kefalonia and that you waste no time moving around and looking for amazing spots, Kefalonia Excursions has designed some Kefalonia Shore Excursions particularly for cruise travelers who want to see it all in comfort and style

Without a doubt, the perfect excursion for cruise travelers who want to get a good look at everything Kefalonia has to offer is the Kefalonia Island  Tour; a guided tour that will take you to the most important sites of Kefalonia, a combination of beauty, history, taste, and ambiance. From the postcard-perfect Myrtos Beach to the quaint Fiscardo Village, to the iconic  Melissani Cave this tour takes you to all major attractions of the island. At the same time, you will visit a traditional  winery, followed by a wine tasting, to complete your Kefalonian experience in the lushest and delicious way

The Kefalonia Shore Excursions are fully customizable, so that cruise travelers can spend their precious time on the island any way they wish. In addition, a comprehensive selection of other tours is available, to even better accommodate your first impression of the glorious Kefalonia; food tours, wine tours, photoshoot tours, or taxi-tours with a local guide, just to name a few of the most popular options. Book a Kefalonia Shore Excursion and make the best out of your cruise stop at one of the world’s most spectacular islands, simply see it all!


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