Melissani Lake | The Cave of the nymphs

The world famous Melissani lake was discovered in 1951 , is located at Karavomylos village ,just 2km from the town of Sami.
It is a unique cave structure, with a lake whose waters reach a depth of 39 meters. There are available excursions every day to visit the unique geological phenomenon. The cave is 160m long and 40m wide. Its stalactites date back 16.000 to 20,000 years. In the centre of the lake, where the covered section begins, there is a small 30m-long island, on the surface of island and the walls of the lake leads to the rest of the cave. Melissani has been the site of several excavations, which have brought to light a number of finds, most of them from the 3rd and 4th centuries BC, attesting to a cult of the god Pan. A number of female figures have also been found, the famous Nymphs. Visitors can tour the lake on a boat and admire the wonderful colours in the water, which constantly change as the sunlight falls on it through the aperture in the roof above – a marvelously evocative atmosphere! The cave is open to visitors every day from 9pm to late afternoon. Access to the lake is quite safe and it can be toured without any risk to the visitor, tours are supervised by friendly and experienced guides.