Atlantis Submarine

Atlantis – Yellow Submarine

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Nereus Tour
Start time : 10:00 & 11:30
Duration : 1.5 hour
Kids(0-3 years old): 0 €
Kids(3-12 years old): 10 €
Teenagers & Adults: 18 €
Special offers for :
Groups (of 6 or more members)

Poseidon Tour
Start time : 14:00
Duration : 3 hours
Kids(0-3 years old): 0 €
Kids(3-12 years old): 10 € (Limited Offer)
Teenagers & Adults: 18 € (Limited Offer)
Special offers for:
Groups (of 6 or more members)

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All about the Atlantis – Yellow Submarine.

Kefalonia Underwater Submarine
Explore the underwater secrets of Kefalonia, enjoying through the large submerged windows the crystal blue waters and the amazing life under the water!
Don’t miss this extraordinary experience!
Any other tour can offer you these unique images of the natural landscape and the wonderful seafloor of Kefalonia. During the excursion, the crew will look after the musical background and will inform you about the sea life, the history and the sightseeing of the area.