Top 5 reasons to join our Kefalonia Island Tour

Top 5 Reasons To Join Our Kefalonia Island Tour

Kefalonia island is the largest island of the 7 Ionian islands, therefore it’s only reasonable to be able to see the best attractions of the island only in one day, but here at Kefalonia Excursions as locals and with the help of our experienced team we were able to organize one of the best island tours you can join and most importantly you will see the best highlights in only 1 day! The best part is that it comes with an unbeatable price tag!! So what are you waiting for.. in the meantime let us persuade you!! First and foremost you will be picked up by a clean, air-conditioned bus with an English-speaking guide to greet you with her smile and swipe you off your feet with her knowledge of the island, its cultural background, interesting history, and secrets only one that lives here will be able to let you in on!


As the scenic drive begins towards Robola winery you will drive through the rolling hills with the rich vegetation and stunning views of Argostolis bay! Relax and enjoy the views as your guide will keep you on your toes with the fun facts she will share with you!


  1. Robola Winery

One of the oldest varieties of winemaking in Greece will have your mouth bugs happy with its many variations from its natural aromas, fruity taste, and interesting process of the making of Robola. Here you will be able to tour the vineyard and sample the wine with local products as well!! What a great start to the tour right?

2. Drogarative Cave 

Nature created countless stalactites and stalagmites. Their different colors are the result of the minerals in the bedrock. When rainwater filters through the bedrock and drops down to the ground, the lime deposits in the water create stalactites growing downwards from the roof and stalagmites growing upwards from the bottom. A truly unique phenomenon!

3. Melissani Cave

No trip to Kefalonia is complete without visiting the famous cave of Melisani! Also, known as caves of the nymphs! Here you will be able to ride inside the wooden boat and admire the crystal clear waters of this breathtaking cave!

4. Fiscardo Village

Untouched by the earthquakes of 1953 this cosmopolitan village is something out of a novel. Its colorful houses with its charming harbor not only you will be walking among the jet setters you will also be discovering one of Kealonias most famous villages!

5. Myrtos beach ( photo stop)

Awarded year after year for its breathtaking blue colors, dramatic backdrop and and crystal clear waters this stop will definitely leave you happy! Make sure you have your camera ready for the perfect photo!


After a long exciting day visiting Kefalonia highlights in your comfortable bus and the knowledge your guide has shared with you about the wonderful island of Kefalonia, you will have made memories that will last a lifetime! We can guarantee you that you will step off the bus a different person!!

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