Why Assos Village is a Must- See

Why Assos Village Is A Must- See

The tiny yet enhancing village of Assos, a hidden, artistically beautiful place that will provide you with a very relaxing experience and is worth visiting!
This small village is one of the must-sees due to its harmonic mixture of picturesque elements.
It’s located on the hill of the small Erissos peninsula. Although its size is tiny and its population doesn’t surpass 100 in number, it’s a place that carries great historical significance, due to its strategic location.

Its name comes from the Doric version of the Greek word island Nisos, modified to Nasos in the Doric dialect. It’s built above a narrow 50-meter-wide isthmus and the bay north of the isthmus functions as the port of the village. What makes its scenery unique, is its painting-like aesthetic with the beautiful architecture of the colorful pastel houses, juxtaposed with a clear view of the turquoise Ionian Sea.

If you combine that element, with the lush vegetation and the tranquil beaches, you can imagine why it’s a place renowned for its beauty.
The sunsets are just breathtaking and serene.

Its main historical attraction is the Assos Castle, built by the Venetians during the 13th to 18th century, who ruled over the Ionian Islands.
The Ionian Islands are the administrative region that Kefalonia belongs to, and consist of seven islands, most of them located in the Ionian Sea. The Venetians occupied them during this period we call Enetocracy and influenced the islanders heavily in the cultural, economic, and social aspects of their lives.


You will have the opportunity to visit Assos Village on may of our excursions such as the all-inclusive island tour, our Assos & Fiscardo island tour, and of course on any private excursion you wish to participate with us!

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